Reviews for "GatherX"

Its ok kinda singular though

tl:dr - Don't even bother playing this game without an auto-clicker, and even then it probably still isn't worth your time

For such a good looking and well coded game, it's a shame whoever set the economy and beanstalk health completely ruined it. I knew exactly what I was doing on my second try, and it still took over 45 minutes with an auto-clicking utility to finish the game. I estimate I averaged 40 registered clicks a second, and that's including the time not actually clicking something. That equates to over a hundred thousand (108,000) clicks in a 45 minute period. Way, WAY too many clicks necessary to complete the game 100%. I don't want to know how long it'd take to beat the game if you just left it running with all workers and upgrades unlocked at the start.

I think an automated time management game (Jack and the Beanstalk Tycoon) would have been more entertaining than this button smashing scheme.

I go through all that and you couldn't even give a PAYOFF for chopping the beanstalk? I know you want people to play for achievements, but give us SOMETHING. Make the damn beanstalk fall. Don't make the screen look EXACTLY the same before and after you finish the beanstalk off.

medals 10,11,15,17 and 18 did not work even thou i got the pop up. it would be nice if after all iten bought if you could sell your extra coins for clicks, 3 stars. pm me if medals are fixed

Coolboyman responds:

If you clear your cache (not cookies) and reload the page, go to the achievements menu, you'll get your achievements then.

While this game is very polished and has beautiful graphics, music, and achievements (always a plus for me personally), the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. If feels very unfinished due to that, even though at first glace one would assume the complete opposite. Now, I didn't get very far into the game so maybe things picked up, but it was not able to keep my interest for that long.

I didn't really understand why he would be mining, and why he would start with a pickaxe instead of an axe. It felt like an unnecessary element, especially when thinking of the story. Jack got the beans because he was selling his and his mother's only source of wealth; a cow who had stopped producing milk. During the story, Jack brings back a large sum of wealth, a hen that lays golden eggs, and a harp that plays itself. I don't see when or how Jack's son would get into mining. Maybe if there was some explanation to that somehow, something summing up the events between the end of Jack and the Beanstalk and the beginning of this game, explaining the situation. When did he get a son, what's the story behind that? Where is he and his mother now? I didn't finish the game so maybe there is some explanations to these questions later on, but I saw no room for story growth.

Overall you did a great job with the esthetics, and the achievements are rather nice, but the unfinished feel to the gameplay and story development still shows, and I wish the gameplay was equal to the graphics.