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Reviews for "GatherX"

This game is fun like ill play its game all day long just to beat it

Art, graphics, & music are so promising, but the game is completely pointless. Click forever for achievements! Kill me.

It's not a bad game, the graphics and music are good, but this can be REALLY tedious. I mean your health goes down at light speed and recharges at a snails pace. I know that you can upgrade your energy bar but you should also have an upgrade that makes your energy recharge faster, not just 1 point at a time. The waiting for your energy to recharge is what really kills this game for me.

Its ok kinda singular though

tl:dr - Don't even bother playing this game without an auto-clicker, and even then it probably still isn't worth your time

For such a good looking and well coded game, it's a shame whoever set the economy and beanstalk health completely ruined it. I knew exactly what I was doing on my second try, and it still took over 45 minutes with an auto-clicking utility to finish the game. I estimate I averaged 40 registered clicks a second, and that's including the time not actually clicking something. That equates to over a hundred thousand (108,000) clicks in a 45 minute period. Way, WAY too many clicks necessary to complete the game 100%. I don't want to know how long it'd take to beat the game if you just left it running with all workers and upgrades unlocked at the start.

I think an automated time management game (Jack and the Beanstalk Tycoon) would have been more entertaining than this button smashing scheme.