Reviews for "Ultimate Frontier"

Awesome game. Love the gameplay, the music, the mechanics and the art style. Great job.

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Thanks a lot!

How do 343 people have the Veteran medal yet I have done all 10 levels with 3 stars and did not get awarded it?
That does not make sense because only 19 people have beat level 10.
As for the game it's ok but that last medal is not awarding to me even though I have all 30 stars.

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Sorry a lot, it was bug that i fixed. Unfortunately I can't to get medals back.
But thanks for good rating!

Everything m6wg4bxw said applies to me too :D
But I enjoyed the game nonetheless.

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Thanks. Anywhere I fixed some things that people wanted in new 1.1.1 update.

the rage meter fills too often
you can still be hit during the weapon choice menu
variety of enemies was good tho

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Right now I updated the game and you can check some fixes.

can be better.

JokerDenFromMR responds:

sure. говнюк