Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

game takes too long to build up money, especially later when a new seed will cost you multi millions.
There should be a fix for the money situation. It takes too many flowers to hire a wife (let's not pretend this isn't what we're doing).
Also, is there a way to ditch my wife? she's completely fucking useless, even with powerups.

Junjo responds:

Useless? Wife skills are VERY useful: selling makes you gain more money from your harvest, with col.eggs she can collect the chicken eggs by herself while you let the game idle, and watering makes your crops grow faster.

i think the best part about this game is that you can leave the comp on and it will still keep working thx alot for this game

I absolutely love this game, i keep it running on my laptop while i sleep / work, definately the best idle game iv seen around! im lvl 400 and theres plenty of upgrading i can still get my hands on great game 5/5

Fun game! It kept me glued to the screen and has interesting mechanics. I'm pretty sure this will have me coming back. 4/5!

well this is the only idle game that actually works out of tab that i know of so full stars