Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

It's good to have a completed game with good animation. But there are many things I wished we had in this game.

1. Save system. A proper save system to go back where you saved when you made a wrong decision by mistake.
2. Make first day in town optional. Everytime we restart the game, we had to walk around town once again. Which leads to number 3.
3. Movements. The arrows on both sides should take you to the next area straight away, it makes the game so much slower.
4. Cum stain. In the last game, the cum stayed and it was wonderful. Should add a bath system in the house for player to wash it off if they don't want to keep their collection of cum. Or maybe have Kari licks it all up.
5. Combat. Since we has stats already, might as well have some good turn based combats.

And those are what I thought.

It is worth saying that this edition of Legend of Krystal is almost certainly the best looking on I've seen. Clipping issues are almost non-existant and the developer has clearly put a lot of attention into making sure that the models all look proper when interacting with each other.

That being said, I can honestly not imagine the thought process behind the game's mechanics. The gameplay is stagnant and dull, and offers far too much downtime to remain engaging. To have each day in a schedule play out is a chore, especially when each job has only 4 possible images you can view, and once you realize that the only interactive element of the game is shown upon hitting stat checkpoints, it is often best to schedule out a whole month and then switch to something else for 2 minutes to let the dull slideshow play out.

Furthermore the end game result is very clearly the result of a long check sum algorithm, and while I admit that it would be incredibly hard to make it come out with a satisfying ending given the length and possibilities of the game, it does feel like there are simply too many factors to make the endings feel like they applied to the character you crafted unless you did only 1 or 2 activities max. There are simply too many stats that are clearly considered for which ending one arrives at, and the whole experience would have likely felt more enjoyable if they were based off of the player's choices in the special scenes than the arbitrary numbers.

Lastly, the unlocking of better jobs just doesn't work well. The upgrades to your stats with the initial jobs is so small and take so long in comparison that when you do get the higher jobs you find yourself able to undo almost anything you did in the first 1/2 of the game, making it almost irrelevant. Jobs should have been unlocked individually for progressing in it's stat as opposed to making all available at each year. The ideal that a slutty slave bartender all of a sudden gets permission to be a chanter just because she's been around for three years seems silly, and the jump in stats makes the last year the only one that really matters for determining what your ending seems to be. I could be wrong, but it felt like it was the only year that made a big difference.

TL, DR; great art and great scenes, I just wish I didn't have to slog through the awful gameplay to get to them. Your first two games are world's better than this, and this would have benefited greatly from a little more of their gameplay.

LOVE it! If only it were easier to bring up content though. I hate having to spend a chunk of time getting back to a scene I really liked. If there were a post game gallery I'd definitely be visiting alot more often.

Ok, wow. I have gotten 3 endings now: one as a morally-rightous guard, one as a just priestess (I screwed up and made her a priestess, when I really just wanted to make her a guard), and one as a sex-driven drug lord kingpin. The endings are beyond what porn games would usually have, and the gameplay/plot progression/artwork/character design? All rolled into one, they are exceptional, and FAR beyond mundane, easy-thinking porn game designs!

Two things stick out most here. One is the title, and concept itself, which leads me to believe either you ripped off/did your own version of the original Legend of Krystal, or (Playshapes?) thought it would be a cool idea for you to do Gorepete, given the unique (for a porn genre) game style your past pieces present. Either way, I love what you did. Once again, I am amazed.

The other thing that keeps nagging me about this game is the special events that one does after reaching 25-point intervals in any primary skill. For instance, not to spoil anything, I at first chose not to interfere in the Armory event, which lead to a particular outcome I did not like; abhorred, even. It reminded me much like in Dusty's Castle where choosing sinful actions for an innocent ghost where obviously the wrong choices, yet were valid choices to make in playing it. In other words, one might not want to always answer Yes or always No to every event to get the "wrong" outcome.

All in all, a fantastic RPG…granted, for a porn game… :)
Hell its a fine RPG, even IF all the cartoon nudity or graphic/explicit sex were removed!

This was a more addicting game than I'd imagined, just working and evolving's a fun task, and interacting, and eventually letting events progress. The characters are all nicely drawn, detailed and slick, with fluid animations, sound's good, story's good, the schedule and upgrade system works well too, it's a nice and somewhat different type of RPG! Great work.