Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

You need to make it automatically talk to people after you click the crystal and walk up to them. It shouldn't make you click the crystal again once you've walked up. Also, you need to be able to click your destination a second time to have it skip the walking sequence.

Anyway, well done on making such an extensive porn game. I know adding sound is a bitch, but maybe you could get someone else to do it for you.

Right, while I haven't fully rummaged through every single spec of this game, I can say I was a bit "mixed impressed/meh" of it. It has really neat layouts, script and the like. But it does fall rather flat in terms of innovation and characters. Bit just another run of the mill, cardboard cut-outs on a railroad. Even if that is the intention, it feels a bit "eh". Personally derp a little as some aesthetic design choices. (like that all the females have impractical, illogical high heels, or the fact there was a hymen involved somewhere. Or technically that they got tits and/or pink nipples. (for Krystal, only the color part quirks a brow) Know it can go with "porn doesn't have to make sense", but still.)

But yeah, it is neat in it's own way. Just nothing overly impressive so to say. It is impressive in terms of all the scripting and such. But it doesn't really "do much" so to say. Just appeasing to norms and following stereotypes. Though, it does do nice in that it dares to prod at some rarer themes, and it branches out here and there. But as said, sadly far too much of it follows the story/dialogue of any cheesy porno. Though, it was really neat to see some characters break the mold.

One of the part I was the most disappoint per se, least to what I saw, was more or less all just revolved around dicks. Never a single vag visible, (while about all males are, despite being reptiles) along with only males came. (and like said prior, pretty much everyone fell into the roles of "generic, selfish douchebag male", and "generic, slutty female with no regard for her own pleasure, only interested in stimulating any dicks within range". (along with the always "only allowed to desire, and often severely go after pleasure if they inexplicable obtain a dick") Some as said did go outside this, and that was interesting to see. But those that did was generally just loops. But would have been nice if there'd been at least one ending or the like that "dared to be different" per se. To what I recall, about every one followed some generic cliché or porn norm.

Still, the sheer amount of effort put into this is impressive on it's own. The graphical overhaul is neat, though some parts does make me quirk a brow, but overall it's nice. Most my derps came on the dialogues or overall "personalities" (or lack thereof at times xP) on most characters. But yeah, I really feel like the "story" and dialogue could've been better, it at times come off as clunky, really weird (like how she says certain things, despite what's happened or the like) or just bland, along with some aesthetic and character choices. Or the fact you could have the libido of a dead, impotent shoe. Found it odd that Krystal was more of a machine than something living, only going on what she was told is okay, and what inputs she got. That, and it felt as derp as "Long Live the Queen" logic, that your characters doesn't know jack shit about anything when you start. Seeming to just have woken up after 4 years from a coma, with no skills whatsoever. But it could also be worse. So overall, good work on this. But would recommend perhaps aiming a bit further outside the box next time :3 Assuming you'll aim for making more.

spent the good part of 15 minutes clicking and she never left the bed i give up.

I've been watching this game progress, and i gotta say i like where it ended up at. Whilst i did grow rather attached to the original setup of this game (at first i found this release TOO polished?) I have to admit, this is far better quality. The storyline is more comprehensible, the dialogue is better, there are more and better interactions. All around more enjoyable.

5 outta 5. Great job

other than the tedious traveling I found this a very good game. I found 31 sex scenes (one of which I found morale wrong [aka the tribal leader challenge rape scene] and never watched it, but this is newgrounds. it gets someone off.) of which are the 15 you get from 'working' 15 you get as story (some I find disappointing like the first temple 'or pond possession' scene) and one that you get if you do one story line in the 'gathering' (or 2nd job listing down) profession threw. which I found nice.

I got S,A, then 2 C rating in that order playing this threw. I wish you would describe how you got some of these ending in clarity because I played 3 story trees with 2 sex act and got a C ranked being a whore (the first of the story lines was waiter '4th down' however. I found that I was screwing more than workinig.)

a playback/gallery option of the scenes you have seen would be nice as well.

in all, other than the traveling, it is a very nice game for what it is. (wishing for a bit more showing of the rod to hole in some scenes but nothing wrong with leaving some to imagination) being morale bankrupt as many of us are (and more people are accepting it) a gay scene would not have been a bad thing in this either.

also a scene relating to the ending given would have been nice also. (IF you ever put in a gallery for this game!)

big fan of your work also. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO PONIES!

although if you do one it will still be awesome ;)