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Reviews for "Zos"

Some things that I disliked:
-In Elaris I didn't had to freeze the clock to pass the smashing machine, I just passed by. Then I returned and realised that there was a "puzzle".
-The leaves that fell without a purpose in the fungus boss were "contaminating", I could not understood what was happening, just that he had a shield made of leaves and the wind took it over.
-And man, that final boss was IMPOSSIBRU: Once you spend a day trying to reach to the head part alive, a falling stomach kills you.

The music was AWESOME and the art was BEAUTIFUL. I found other little glitches here and there but that doesn't opaque the fact that is a GREAT GAME and the ammount of effort done must be enormous. Good job.

So the main hero dies at the end???
I didn't expect that ending.
I really liked this game a lot. The style and originality.
I loved so much traveling to different planets.
What I would like is upgrade system to change armor so that my character appearance can change.
Also would be nice if you could upgrade potions effect.
It would been better that each time you make potions they would produce a batch of x5 potions instead of just one.
Since I barely used most of the potions because I was worried I would need them latter so I barely used them.
I did not like the ending much and would have liked more story in the game.

Very good retro game, altough i dislike the fact that if you use up a 1x potion like fortify health during a boss fight and die, you permanently loose the potion and have to remake a new one

Gets boring.Fast

The music and art are nostalgic which is great. Being able to speed the text up would be great as it goes by slowly. The controls are simple and the premise of the game is a good one. The animations are great. I notice when jumping my characters hair moves up and down. Also the death animation where blood splatters everywhere is nicely done. Mixing potions is great fun. One problem I have encountered is some objects you will walk through but then coming back they are barriers for some reason. This story is truly an interesting one.