Reviews for "The Gestation:The Demo"

Ok i am done. Not a bad game but its crashed on me 4 times now twice on lvl 2 once on 3 and around 60s on survival mode so yea. I look forward to see what might be in the full game i may come back later to see if you have fixed the crash problem and get the 90s medal and its already been said but unlock survival isn't working.

nice, but too easy. It reminded me of Isaac, too, but it didn't feel very challenging to me.
I also had the bug with the game crashing after reaching 90 seconds in survival mode. no medal here...
the 0-point medal seems also broken.
besides the medals: game gets a 3/5 for being too repetitive and too easy.

The game was good, but it froze up on me twice when I tried to beat survival mode, forcing me to close the game and halting me from finishing it so I'm not very happy about that. This game reminds me of the Binding of Isaac. It would be cool if you could explore although I understand that there might not be much room for exploring inside a womb. Good luck on the full game!

You were inspired by McMillen's games weren't you?