Reviews for "The Gestation:The Demo"

Good but it always crashes for me in the boss level so I look forward for the full version and hope theres no bug on it

Game it's great, but easy and very short.

Btw. I can't unlock medal "Survival Mode Unlocked". I've unlocked survival mode, but not the medal. :(

Simple and fun, its crashed once and probably the only reason why I didn't give it a 5, that and the fact it was too short. GJ

Wow this is the first game that I didn't enjoy on Newgrounds.This game crashed 6 times in a row when trying to beat the boss.This could be a good game if it didn't crash all the time.

Not a bad game, but to hard. tone it down a little on the first levels and let me hold down the button instead of clicking. If not for the sake of my wrist than for my mouse.