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Reviews for "Ducktalez 4: Wishing Star"

The finale's finally on the way!? I remember watching Z3 at least 7 years ago, I can't believe the series is still being made. I was suprised when I stumbled onto the other episodes on youtube a while ago.

Onto this video, I enjoyed it a lot. There were some good bits, the Atomo/Superman and Garfield parts for example. Of course it didn't hold up to the original two episodes, but as it's own thing it was still very entertaining. The 3D seemed out of place, but then it's always been like that and is a pretty minor detraction. I'd give more advice, but really I think the biggest fault is the lack of Uncle Scrooge, and you seem to have that covered for part 7.

Thanks for all the Ducktalez!

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

Thank ye! When these episodes first starting airing on Youtube, the general complaint was the lack of Scrooge, but he too will soon have his moment in the sun. Glad you enjoyed it!

Ducktale Z raised the bar too high and left me with great expectations
this one felt soulless in comparison

using 3D models for the ducks didn't mesh very well; they were intentionally meant shitty, being 3d and having low FPS, now that's lost.

the voices were also kinda weird, maybe it's cause it had higher quality or something, because now it REALLY sounded like a grownup trying to squeak his voice.

those are the major complaints, the rest are still great, Killer Robot is baller.

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

Thanks! You're right on the ball about the recordings. I'm losing my voice with age, so these last few episodes will probably be the last.

ah...memorizes, glad to see you back dude

The animation was awesome, and the story was hilarious. I can't wait for more Vegeta in the upcoming parts.

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

Thanks! I'm still working on Vegeta's big episode, but he still has guest-spots in coming parts. :)