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Reviews for "Ducktalez 4: Wishing Star"

ooooh man! friggin Ducktales is BACK! awesome. I remember showing these to my friends when i was in high school. Glad to see the series is still going, can't wait for more ^_^

Oh man. This was one of the first series I grew to love when I started NG and man have you came back with style! Love to see that this series isn't dead :D. Welcome back man... welcome back!

Wow, it's great that you finally came back! I like how you answered so many questions in the author's comments. I still think this isn't as good as the other ones. It's just that the third one was so good. I do appreciate seeing these characters and styles again. They look a lot like "South Park" characters.

It's funny to see how the CGI stands out. I wish Scrooge and Vegeta could have been in this more. It's funny to hear these voices. I saw a Beagle Boy down there. I haven't seen "The Iron Giant".

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I agree this doesn't live up to the third one, but I wanted to start my new season with something short and simple so I could give the new style a test drive. Don't worry; Vegeta's still on his way. :)

Oh my god yes, I am so Happy to see new episodes of this !

I love the Ducktaile voices. Humor was good enough.