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Reviews for "10 second unicorn"

WAYYY too short, but still fut for the few seconds of play there were. Add a story and make it a little longer and you've got yourself a game!

Uhh? How was that over 1MB?

robbe responds:

I'll tell you how:
- png spritesheets
- 1:1 resolution
- music

(+ I used flashdevelop, which compiles slighty bigger than flash, sowwy)

Growing your horn is way to difficult to do it more than once. The game it self really isn't that fun and is pointless to play it more than once.

robbe responds:

I added a pussymode, just for you!

Great idea, but poorly executed.

robbe responds:

One can not do something properly when bound by time

As lame as the horses. An unicorn doesn't make up for everything else.

robbe responds:

An unicorn might not, but a unicorn does. UNICORNS MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, you hear me.