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Reviews for "10 second unicorn"

it surely is a piece of art :)

robbe responds:

Art. I make it. And people love it!

Funny, but way too boring.

robbe responds:

Everything is boring when you want it to be :). I've probably played it hundreds of times and I still like it.

Pretty hilarious and short game!
The premise is entertaining and "Over the Rainbow" song is perfect for this.
Stay funny and keep doing what you do!

robbe responds:

Stumbled upon that music by sheer luck! That's how I roll.

I can see some real potential for this game, but it is quite boring. All you really need to do is give it some variables (eg. A money system for upgrades such as bombs to go further, or certain horses make you go slower, as well as a power meter to show how fast the horse is going depending on how hard you press the spacebar.). The other thing you may need to work on is the art in some places such as the legs in the running animation but don't get me wrong the art style suites the music perfectly so do not change it. Oh and one more thing put boxes around the text so we can read it. 3.5 STARS because you could have added a little more fun in it but it just isn't there :(

P.S. I have many more ideas to make the appearance and gamplay of the game better so if you want me to tell you the rest of them just message me :D

P.S.S. If you work on this game more I am sure it will up there in the top games along with "Toss The Turtle" and others.

robbe responds:

I'm not intending to reach the top. I just developed this for fun and... games.
Plus done in less then a day, so I think I achieved quite a lot.


Well it was fun and short game, not an excellent one, but still, I enjoyed it and played a quite a few times.