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Reviews for "Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness!"

Klacid - Array3++ ? lolwut? Is he back making songs on NG? Or am I just that stupid. Cool song though.

Hm, so if you go at or below 0 health, you won't die, unless you try going back to Slutty McSlut? Figured I'd try after I beat the game, with only a knock or two to the rectum...

Ericho's review is legit: music selection was hit n' miss, Klacid was a hit tho lol, maybe add a third song... music stopped after meeting that creepy Dateline guy, but the added music clip and sound fx really make the game nicer!

Game was of the right size and difficulty, though crazier writing and a bit of leet-speak would've been even better! I was hoping for, "If you don't find me teh coke, I will cut of yor dik hed, stretch the peehole open, and ware eet lieka hat!1!!" Excellent game. Wish NG would accept medals from Adult games... i is ovr eatteen

Yomuchan responds:

LOL. Whoops. Bug fixed.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Not bad yeah backround kinda ehmm but other things were good it was really easy but i sometime laught in few chats throught vulgarism XD.
Of course its not some super mega eroge but its not bad if you take that fact its for free XD.

Because it's made in 6 days, and shit.

ummmmm.....yeah. not worth wasting your time for. save these few monutes and don;t play this. do something else. lol