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Reviews for "Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness!"

Just played through the game, pretty hilarious, love the references on the creator, and was pretty quick, wouldn't call it perfect, but hey, it's a comedy with some hentai, what's not to love?

I don't even know...

I just wanted to say right off the bat that I'm not someone who's into sex games. I will admit that this was actually pretty cool. It may be because of how ridiculous it is. There is a lot of strange imagery in this and everyone is designed differently. You probably could have used more music. There could be better drawings with the arrows.

Now that I think about it, it's been awhile since I've reviewed a game like this. I appreciate you trying to experiment. Granted, I'm not familiar with you, so I don't have other things to compare to. I have a feeling this will get a fair number of views. It's weird, but unique.

Yomuchan responds:

Everyone has different preferences, I can accept that. Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to continue and improve the legacy.

Basicly a back to the roots of Sex Kitten.

Most of the questions are easily guessed since the author always used rude questions vs 1 complete nonesense and one is basicly only guessable.

It looks like one of the first Sex Kitten but barely drops puns. The cow pun was fun but most girls just hand you a picture and it is done.

For a new Sex Kitten, I would've liked a logical next step to the series, especially (I assume) since someone else made this game. Also missed the chance to introduce a new character to the series.

Some stuff to improve:
-Revision the concequence system
-Smarten up the questions and make them harder to instant-guess.(overall MOAR PUNS PLX)

-Apparently you don't need the bolt-cutter to finish the game.

My conclusion, it was a nice try and is true to the early games of the series. Looking forward to an improved next game.

Yomuchan responds:

Bug fixed. Thanks for pointing this out!

Ha! Opening that mimics Excel Saga. Love it!

Yomuchan responds: