Reviews for "Sift Heads Cartels Act 1"

WOW its awesome im never stopping to play this!!

I have always been a fan of Sift Heads. The franchise had been getting slightly repetitive with the World Acts, but this Cartels Act felt fresh and original. It focused on simply the action itself and less on the myriad quests and travel and storylines that the World Acts had. It even improved the action with the ducking, covering, moving left to right during the action, and the close combat. I wish the game was longer, but it was overall well done and exactly what I needed from Sift Heads.

And to those having trouble killing the mobsters at the end, look closely at what the mobsters are doing and how they react to your fire, and you'll figure out what to do. This part of the game was a highlight, adding in a problem-solving element that is one of the trademarks of this franchise.

I love the Sift heads. ive done beat everyone of them and im still going tocontinue with every one they make.

It's very fun, but when I go to rescue his girl, I couldn't kill either mobsters.
I used all my ammo, but still no.
Fix that and It'd get a much higher rating

good i love it joust my space bar stuck after 2 minutes of gaming