Reviews for "Sift Heads Cartels Act 1"

Awesome game. I love the Sift Heads series. However, it is a bit difficult. Mostly because you will need to kill 3 snipers from across the warehouse with just a Glock. :/

i played all the sift heads games, and i can't wait for sift head cartels 4!!

oh my god how am I posed to kill the snaiper!

The most amazing game ever!

Still need to finish act 3, And please focus on the MMO now its broken and you said you would update it with the red ninja pack,Sitting, Berserker enemies, Its been 3 years now..NOTHING And why did you not update the street wars single player? Since it takes place before cartels.... And its been a year since you updated cartels I like it but you gotta focus on street wars..that was a groundbreaker! Please do it! Single player and multi!