Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

What is this, no loading bars day?

A nice little story though the voice acting could use a little work. Otherwise it was pretty good.

I liked it, i did. Good animation style and idea. But the voices.. seemed a little off. Like they didnt fit the characters or something.

Cool this was great could of did a little better on the animations and voices but other than that it was great.

I love this animation style. I've seen it before, but i can't quite remember where. I also love calamity's singing voice. My only issue is that some of the voices seem a tad muffled now and then and a couple of parts or lines feel a bit more forced rather than a natural way of speaking. Otherwise I think this is great, and I would love to see more. I'd especially love to see more development on the apparent powers that the different characters seem to have throughout your little series here.