Reviews for "Bonehead: Halloween II"

Fantastic timing in this! Your rhythm was so great it carried into hilarity jokes that a lesser treatment would have dropped. Your cinematic animation was top notch, and the sound quality was a superb. I was thoroughly entertained.

I ate some candy and pretended it was Halloween for the duration, so that part turned out fine too.

Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks for the review!
I actually thought this one might've been a bit too fast with the pacing, but I'm glad you thought otherwise. Rhythm and timing are really important to me, so I'm glad you liked it!

Great character design, smooth animation and really funny. Good work!

Guys, I don't usually watch flash short movies. But this one is funny! :D I liked the animation, really.
(btw, I'm still trying to understand the speech as I'm not native english)

"This flash is CRUNK, fo shizzle!"

All I can say is, that was purely Awesome! Love the animation style and the atmosphere was just right. I'm definitely going to check out your older animiations now.