Reviews for "Bonehead: Halloween II"

Loved the characters. Great animation all the way around. More please!

Awesome. The scythe flying through the air toward the end was smoothly animated, the background changing angle along with the scythe, really nice transition. There's a lot of interesting styles of animation in this, different effects, different angles, I did enjoy it even though it wasn't Halloween.

When the toilet paper first started attacking the main characters I thought the house would be haunted (theme-fitting?) but as it turned out... it was just the toilet paper! Random. The couple of guest appearance of the author were fun, as well the word explenations, the conversations, and everything moving at a fast pace too. Nice work!


Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it! The fight scene with the scythe was definitely the funnest part for me, other than the fact that nearly every scene in it took at least 3 hours longer than they should have. That or more. I remember in particular the scene where they all land on the roof from the pole taking over 10 hours at least.

Its been mentioned before but your character designs good!
you gotta fan


Hey, better late than never right? I'm really glad that this got finished. Your flash animations have always exhibited careful detail in how the characters move and act. I do have one nitpick and it's that your sound effects seem pretty generic. It fits your erratic style of quickly paced storytelling, but sometimes it seems like lazily ripping sounds from popular movies and video games is barring your movies from being anything more. I'd like you to pay more attention to such details in the future.

Anyway, 9 out of 10 stars. You lost one when you misspelled Vengeance. You know where.

Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks Gustavos! I think this is probably your first actual criticism, and I totally get it, too! I'll be sure to more original in my sound design, I get where you're coming from.

Also, I misspelled it? CRAP. How come the painbrush doesn't have a spellcheck feature?
You should've added a star, your name was right next to it. And in the special thanks.