Reviews for "tuna fish"


Interesting portal entry but the interface needs work.

There should be a way to shut off the loop and the voices should not be activated by mouse-over but rather mouse clicking. It's hard to pick words to say that are across from other words because you end up saying the words that are in between the ones you want. (How's that for a run-on?).
The loop is also too loud in comparision to the instruments and the sound quality isn't crisp enough.
Still this portal entry is one of the more innovative "music gadgets" out there.
Colourful graphics make this entry attractive and the sounds are quite "new-age".

Amazing potential!

This kind of submission makes me be proud to be Israeli. Good work, Nir! ;)
Great music, WONDERFUL graphics and a brilliant concept. Whoever sings the words has a pretty nice voice as well.

Just a few suggestions for version two: More words! It was fun creating sentences, but quite limited. Even make the words smaller if you have to. Another thing: Make the words play ONLY if you click on them. Because when I try to go from on word to another I often accidently go over other words.
Really good stuff, though! Please consider doing a sequel.

--Michael Bregman

Fantastic, stupendous, extremely creative!!

I'm fairly new with computers so it took me a few minutes, but when I got it, I REALLY GOT IT! Loved the music and the interactivity. I'd love to see and hear more.

nice job

not only was this an original idea, but it was pretty well animated. it must have took fucken forever to make.

c o o l !

This really deserves a good score - the animation is awesome and the concept is totally original...good job! ^_^