Reviews for "POOPER"


rhys510 responds:

Thanks >U<

Finally a game that isn't shitty!
This game shits excellence and poops greatness!
It contains a lot of GROSSeries though.
The poo is strong with this one!
I actually managed to build up a... shit-ton of speed!
This game is a shitload of fun.
I guess the moral of the story is, the higher they fly, the deeper the shit they fall in.
Though I really think the ending is HORSESHIT, should've had a better ending (hence the -0,5)
When I finished with a score over 200, I admit, I did the POO-DOWN (instead of hoe-down get it? No? well that's SHITTY)
I am almost all out of excrement related jokes :(

@thedog692 : I find your like of poo disturbing!

rhys510 responds:

Loving the jokes XD

prety good game

rhys510 responds:

thanks - glad u didnt find it shitty :3

This game is crap.

It's shit!

rhys510 responds:

...and the poop jokes keep rolling XD

'twas a grand day for shits all around the world.

rhys510 responds:

hell yea >U<