Reviews for "POOPER"

This game is so random. xD It's fun and all that.
I'd say it needs more ... graphics/details.

Great game.

rhys510 responds:

thanks :3
- i agree with the graphics and detail but thats why i added in the rare spawn of nyan cat =^w^=

Awesome hilarious game about scat!
Also, sweet Sega Genesis type music when your poo finally runs out!
Great work, make more please.

rhys510 responds:

yea i will :3

After playing this game, I decided to not clean my butt after taking a shit. Now I feel happier, thank you.

rhys510 responds:

No problem :)

To those complaining about button mashing, you can hold the spacebar...
I enjoyed it, and was satisfied with my top 20 score.

How to play this in real life:
1: Buy way too much taco bell
2: Bring it home and drop an unholy amount of acid
3: Take laxatives and then eat all the Taco Bell in one sitting

rhys510 responds:

Wooh yea! :D