Reviews for "X Marks the Spot"

Apparently simple in the appearance but very effective in the delivery. The clean humor is a great bonus, which is hard to pull off, and the sound effects are crisp and soothing to the ear. I especially love the little details that give personality to the pirate such as the eye movement and some vocal nuances here and there (1:07 in particular).

My only minor criticism, however, is in the selection and timing of the breathing at 0:39 and the dirt mound sound effect while the pirate shovels throughout the short. Nothing serious, but I couldn't help but feel it was "off". Everything else was as sharp as a knife.

That said, the cartoon short you made was top notch (as usual). Great job.

lol this was funny and too cute fav'd it

lol mind games are fun to play on people

Yeah, I think it works perfectly without music. The humor is quite sharp. Not having watched many of these, though, I can't say whether it would be better with music.

Liked it a lot! Especially liked the last-couple-of-seconds-gag. =D

poor pirate,why do you torture (and help) these innocent....drawings!!!