Reviews for "X Marks the Spot"

As always, just love how your imagination flows. Love how this was a little different and the theme was quite creative. Wish there was just a little bit more to it, but overall it was really cool.

I admit that I think this was one of your lesser submissions. I still appreciated you doing something different. I think the funniest bit was probably at the end when the big guy just fell down. The pirate sounds were nice too. It was interesting to see this background design that looks like a treasure map itself. Or rather the parchment you'd write a map on.

I don't know why the legs are crosses, but I like it. It seems like you tried to use any kind of wood you had on your mind. Are these Christian pirates? I don't know much about their religious beliefs. The moving effects are as good as ever.

i love this pencilmations animations!=D

great art! great concept with smooth and simple animation

cute. love it