Reviews for "Splitman 2"

The controls could use a little work

it's so addicting it splits my mind

I liked it. I liked it a lot actually, enough so that I played the original immediately after beating this one. You've definitely made some improvements over the original. I look forward to the next installment.

Seriously addicting and entertaining! Quality graphics and upbeat music! I appreciate your work! You should put some enemies in there too! Maybe you should add more controls and options for the clones in the next Splitman (wait, follow, attack...)

Dedicate more of your time to the game's description. It could help a lot! The medals are okay, but you should include a ton more!

An incredible game for all ages! Five star and favorite! Keep up the good work!

A good thought provoking challenging game. Personally I'd work on some of the mechanics and up the speed of the characterthat way it's not tedious to run from one end of the level to another, but perhaps I'm nitpicking. Still my favorite game on newgrounds.