Reviews for "Splitman 2"

Great concept, and a great game overall. The levels were challenging, but not so challenging that they became all too aggravating. Despite the complexity of mirrored characters and forcefields, the controls were always clear and simple, and using them just right was the real challenge, not learning how to use them. The keycards were an extra ladder in the game playability, and the bonus levels a lotta fun. I'm glad they were actually easier than the ones before the first ending, it felt like they were just... fun. :) Looking forward to the seuqle!



This is up there with the best platform puzzlers. I've played a lot of them. It has a SEGA games feal to it that took me back in time.

All the levels are entertaining and challenging. There aren't any levels where you can't think you're way through the course but it still challenging to get through. That I think, is a quality stamp.

Controls are perfect. Design is good and has that oldschool console game vibe to it that the older audience will nostalgy about.

The music I actually liked but got really tired of it after some levels. I realize im asking for a lot but why not have different tunes for each level. Starting with slow soft tunes for easy levels and dynamic scary tunes for harder levels. If not maybe a longer tune before it loops.

Thank you very much for sharing this. Great game.

Its actually a really enjoyable game I like it alot :)

it's so addicting it splits my mind

Awesome game! Level 30 was really a hell! The cheat is that you need to make your reverse clone jump when you're already in the air after jumping over the drill. When you land in the button, the ray is deactivated and your reverse clone is safe.