Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

I love the fact that the sprite gets bigger and bigger as you keep eating. It was fun.

It's good for time-wasting and I do saw Waldo in this Sea!

I fully enjoy the game but i'm not sure if this is a fluke or a glitch and i'm sure its rare to happen but if you pick up say a time stop power-up right as the last one ends the power-up stays in effect with out any count down timer for the power-up to wear off (only works if its the same kind i believe) over all great game just thought i would let you know

Excellent game, though it should be made explicit that defeating the boss is just a matter of continually eating thins until you are bigger than it.

....wod be nice to know what you need to do to beat the boss... like in writing... somwhere... where it can be seen