Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

Just completely fun to play.... except when trying to earn medals. I have yet to find a mermaid while I'm still small enough to be eaten BY her.... without eating her first. Not only that, but after waiting forever near the surface, the treasure chest FINALLY appears.... and as soon as it hit the ground NOPE BOSS BATTLE TIME AGAIN SCREW YOU. Yeah... just... a little irritating. That's all.

Pretty good, but I wish that there was an easy way to tell what fish you can eat and what fish you can't.

Nice improvement to fishy I like the fish eaten library and also has anyone else seen waldo in the backround?

The main game starts moderately difficult, but then gets easy fast. It wasn't very long before I was immune to every hazard, and so big that all I could do was sweep up and down the screen eating tens of fish in a matter of seconds. The boss battle was a pretty big spike in difficulty relative to the game, giving the difficulty curve of this game a V shape. Not something you usually see. I'm an absolute sucker for games like these so I enjoyed it regardless, but there are some things you should consider if you ever make another one of these.

-Make the evolution more interesting. The evolutions in this game were just gaining immunities to things. The last evolution adds something interesting with giving you the ability to eat with your entire body. Changes like this that freshen up the mechanics at a steady pace are what makes games like this so compelling.

-The playing space was really cramped. If you made it bigger there would be room for larger enemies, and as such it wouldn't be as easy to become so hulkingly huge that it just becomes a waiting game.

-If you're going to make an upgrade screen, put a lot of different upgrades in. Speed, agility, and evolve aren't enough. It would have been really cool to be able to upgrade hazard resistance and your shield and such individually instead of grouping it all under Evolve.

Fun the first time

But every single time I've attempted to play since then, I can either only move up and down, or I can't move at all. Or I keep moving constantly in one direction.
I noticed the warning about stickykeys, but I'm using firefox not ie.

I really wish I could play it again, cause it was epic the first time.

poxpower responds:

Wtf haha. That's a new one.