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Reviews for "Elf Story"


This P&C Adventure Game was probably the hardest I've played of it's genre. (Especially the ogre!) In my opinion, this made the game even better. The gore was well done, animation was great, and was overall a nice, challenging game. The only reason I didn't give this game 5 stars was because some of the medals like specific kills on the arrow bandit required you to play through the entire game again just to get those few extra points. Other than that, this game was very well done and I could see myself coming back from time to time just to run through it again.

this game can be good, BUT IS FU**** BUGUED, the first dark elf kill me 14 time becuase i need press 1000000 time the fu**** red arrow for finaly move, and the monster after the archer, i can only make up, i die, or make right, i dodge and i cant make other than see the monster kill me again because i have no other action i can make -_-

i deafeted all of then 10/10

throw knife is too strong for me :)