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Reviews for "Elf Story"

this game is sort otherwise its awesome

pretty cool, could be a bit longer(more bosses, etc) a little repetitive but very imaginative, I like the challenge.

I'm glad you like your animations, but let me tell you: They do not bear too much repetition, and your game causes precisely that. And it's not really an adventure when there's only ever one thing you can click. *Welcome to a film about a little kid who shuffles around, pretending Zelda is real. Please click the appropriate area of the screen to advance the film. That is all.*

A game imposible is not a game.

2 and a half stars. I think I've died more often not because of poor timing or lagginess, but because of sheer unresponsiveness. I get that games are supposed to be hard. But when the game just refuses to acknowledge what you're doing you tend to give up fighting the poor mechanics and quit. The ogre is the most glaring flaw. If you don't know what you're doing before hand, you honestly don't have a chance without wasting time performing trial and error with one hit kills. It has potential, but it sullies it by just having terrible design and poor hit detection.