Reviews for "Cool Story Bro"

I think the controls are a bit lacking. It's not always immediately clear when you are talking and when you should start walking. Plus, the plot is pretty slow and talking can get kind of frustrating. Also, when you walk sideways it kind of looks like your really have to go pee and are trying to hold it in.

Great game! Typo however when you talking to the king, he says "by" when I believe it is supposed to mean "my". very simple yet effective game!

jdproductions321 responds:

hey thanks for telling me, i'll fix that asap

Fun little game. I did find the controls awkward, even with the 1...2...3 thing. Music was fun though and I enjoyed the story.

I wondered a bit on the fact that the name "Jasmine" was considered strange by the wizard. Is the main character presumed to be male?

cool story bro needs more dragons ;)

My biggest complaint is after completing the game once and winning...I can't go back to options I already explored. I don't know if it's a bug or on purpose, but it's rather tedious to have to get all the way back to where I've been to explore what happens when I choose to defend against the Nagathi, since I never tried it. Other than that, I had a grand old time with this. Good work! :D