Reviews for "Cool Story Bro"

Here we have another strange game. I did not even know how to play it at all originally. I tried going everywhere, but it wouldn't let me. I then realized that you had to click the arrows to move on. From there on, it went pretty quickly. I was surprised at how easy threatening someone could work.

I will admit that there weren't a lot of details in this. It did get creative at many times. My favorite part is probably when you go into the cave with the imps. A lot of it is unpredictable with good gameplay. I'm glad I was able to get as far as I did, with those imps.

It really goes to show that advanced graphics doesn't make a great game. I loved the concept of 3 different storylines told at a campfire with friends..and beer. Good work :-)

nice game,bro

Same as roboblock808 im just getting whit screen. Im using google chrome. I searched on youtube and saw what the games like, very good everything in my opinion 4/5

jdproductions321 responds:

hey thanks,

The "white screen" problem, is actually the game loading. For some reason (I'm guessing it has to do with different versions of flash player) sometimes the screen is white before the pre-loader appears. If you give it a minute, it should load. If you or anyone else continues to have this problem, let me know, and I'll see if there's anything more I can do.

Wasn't very long but, pretty good. Especially for your second flash! I'm giving it a 4. Keep up the awesome work man.