Reviews for "Deadly Facility"

I like the concept and the art was good. My only issue is, I agree with a lot of others who've written reviews, the story is a little confusing. You begin by controlling the monsters/bad guys and end up controlling the humans/good guys. The other confusing thing, was in the second level (scenario, whatever) if you do the wrong thing and die, you fail, but in the other levels, the successful outcome is dying. I'd prefer more consistency, nevertheless, it was a fun game and I look forward to more like it.

Fun game, good concept, cant wait for the next part

Just finished it.

* It was fun finding out where to click to proceed, quite eye-catchy too.
* Good graphics.
* Nice plot, you get to play on both sides.
* Overall, good game to keep you occupied!



Story line was very confusing, how can you be both on the zombie side and the human side at the same time?

It still looked nice though.