Reviews for "Deadly Facility"

I thought it was pretty good. The animation was fun. I will admit it was hard for me at first,but shortly after the first level I got the hang of it. The little cut scene helped kind of make it comic book like. Plus it reminds me of "Journeys of Reemus". I think it might work well on this site.

Often the hand points to things that you cant do as being able to be clicked, and everything seems to be have to done in a specific order. Allthoguh there are some false ones, mostly one just has to search the screen for whatever elicits the change into the hand

The idea of playing through a zombie apocalypse from the outbreak to the fight for survival is a nice but old one.
There were two things that made this game bad: on the one hand, the slow and chopped up animation. On the other hand, the game mechanics that just have you move your mouse around the screen, waiting for the cursor to change. This wouldn't be so bad, if there were at least some hints or info that tell you what to do, or at least nudge you in the right direction. But no - you are completely on your own. The game starts and you just don't know jack about how to play the game.
That's poor design!

This game is sick! The changing of the roles gameplay combined with the nice artwork and of course the zombie atmosphere make this game great! the music is good but i felt like it could have a little more of my time wasted on this thing! i hope it will have a sequel or something...:/

this game is sweet