Reviews for "Xtrullor - Reverie"

Well, considering that this took you a long time, it paid off. This is still a masterpiece almost 4 years later.

I love it! Thank you for send this! :D

I do not understand how could THIS masterpiece get rated lower than even 4.5 stars. That is easily one of your best works, ugh, how could I ever miss that?

It has some flaws IMO. The drops, compared to other tracks, feel very slow and "sticky". The notes there are kind of delayed from each other. And whereas it's meant to make them aiming each other, the drop pushes adequate limits and starts giving the song a vibe of slowness and sluggishness. The sound effects in the drops kind of put it in the row with Supernova and maybe Jnana. Maybe I didn't like drops that much because I'm not really such a dubstep lover... but they weren't energetic unlike in other tracks.

The melody at 2:24... omg... I feel like I entered the heaven for 20 seconds there. That melody is why I chose this track one of your best, even above 'Sheol'. The beginning is mediocre for you, it combines two different paced melodies. I like how it grows in strength, this sounds really good to me. The ending was kinda better than beginning being created with the same sounds. But still the between-drops melody takes the first place in my ears.

I don't really like that arp, it sounds kinda annoying compared to the rest of your track. Maybe because both the beginning and the ending have it in there, is the reason why they sound worse to me than the 2:24 melody.

Overall this was quite a masterpiece. If only my creating skills were like that... 8) It was mixed well, the melodies are pure eargasm and the harmonic line isn't generic which I do really like about this track... I think, it'll earn the place of my favorite song by you ever as I said before. So... congratulations. For making such a great composition. And good luck with your new ones.

Your music is awesome! your a top author

Flawless track. Only problem is overcompression is giving a little crackle here and there. Leave just a bit more headroom before the master!

Love ya, man.