Reviews for "Xtrullor - Reverie"

Sounds very similar to Supernova, but definitely not as good. This song just really isn't as good as your others. Other ones like Supernova and Redux are WAY better.

Hey man, love the song. But I saw all the criticism and some of it is contradictory. You can't please everybody and sometimes you just have to go with your best judgement. If someone tells you something that you maybe haven't thought of, and you think people would like it, go ahead and listen! But if someone says something that sounds like it might interfere with your "style" I guess, and not many people have thought of it maybe it's not such a great idea to do. I just realized how p pointless this whole thing is but fuck it xD In my opinion this song is a bit all over the place but still great, you never seem to disappoint. Keep up the great work :)

The drop could have been better. It's pretty random, I don't really see a flow in it.
Otherwise good job, I love the piano and stuffs :)

Xtrullor responds:

Ah dangit, you saw through my flow-less production.

50% of the time I had no idea what to do with the track at all. I just wanted to finish it in one way or an another even though it wouldn't really be the best thing ever. Because you know, feelsgoodmann.

Why such a low score people? Better than most 4.5 star songs. Melodic dubstep is the best type. Great beats, non repetitive melody, good mix of piano and dub. I wonder how it would sound if the piano is switched with electric guitar. Hmmmmm. Anyways, its great with HD headphones.

fucking epic. great job bro :D