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Reviews for "Dracula's Treasure!"

My only complaint was that I am so used to having the up arrow being the jump button that I got confused for a few seconds as to why I wasn't jumping, but that's no real issue. That's just me being dumb. :P

Very cute game, and its shortness is refreshing more than a shortcoming. So many games try to stretch themselves out far beyond their capabilities, and this is nice and short. It is very well done for the 48 hour time limit, a complete little capsule. Loved it.

01010111 responds:

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if I try to extend this into a full game and implement some options for controls.

I can't believe you made this in 48-hour! Good work dude!

That was adorable! Loved it! :)

omg i love this game! >W<

so cute the graphics and the music, it's awesome what you maded within 48 hours ^W^

I do not agree at all with eliteskillz. Let me explain you, he is a troll, well kind of, he is triyng to express what he thinks about the other review with hate towards your game.
Part of the "defects" he was talking about are classic arcade gameplay. I do agree that the fact that it was made in 48 hours ( even though it's pretty impressive ) shouldn't affect your review. But the fact that some else said so shouldn't afect you review as well, right? So about the game, I thought the gameplay was fun, especialy the fact that you slide a little bit, It's fun! I think that this game, with more development ( power-ups, level selector, high score and that kinda thing) would make this game just wonderful, so the game itself is fantastic, but (wich i think is caused by the fact that it was made in 48 hour ) could use some more things to make is look more like a profissional game.

-Good luck and I hope you make a sequel!-Boredude

01010111 responds:

Thanks! I have several ideas for an expanded version, and I will definitely revisit the controls even though I kind of like the sliding as well :)