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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

I found this fabulous. It doesn't need cool graphics to send chills down your spine. For too long have games use cheap jump scares, this game will be on the top of my list to play and pay for.

first thing first: AWESOME JOB HERE!!!
Im still amazed how we can't have a nice fullscreen for this kind of games.
For fliyng fuck sake we are in 2012, we should already have flying cars like bladerunner outside or at least the menace of Skynet, nope we STILL got , i mean it, STILL the same options we had 10 years ago, this game is retro and it fits, but who, i mean, who doesn't wan't to see this fullscreen?

Dear Tom Fulp do something, i followed you since the beginnings of this site, figure out a way to pay respects to these games and art, a PROPER WAY.

Amnesia 2d???

Cool game

Wow... simply amazing...
I love this game so far! :)
Great job, I'll play chapter one now...