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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

This feels WAY too much like amnesia, though I like the idea of the game. Hope this gets made soon.

It has potential, that's for sure. And I agree with the others about the cliches; you should consider writing messages on walls with feces rather than blood. It makes no sense but damn would it be original.

I get that this is just in the beginning stages, but really, this plot has been over done. A murderer in a "spooky " house. It does have a certain charm, but unless this has a good story, it will fail.

This trailer you've given certainly has promise, but sadly as an unemployed college grad I don't think I could spare any substantial amount of money for your Kickstarter.

The music and overall atmosphere is fantastic. These sort of time sensitive, Victorian story lines often expect the time period that the story is set in to provide that inherently. So you've done a great job on that for sure.

Graphically, it feels a little sluggish. A lot of repeat aesthetics right out of the gate isn't really a good sign in that regard. I would suggest spending some time on the creation of new sprites to dot the hallways. Just to keep the environment ever changing in that regard.

Controls are simple and effective for a point and click adventure. Although, I find the most gratifying experiences offer a full "action" tool bar. Walk to, look at, hit, combine, and so forth. It might be something you could look at to expand the player experience.

Finally, the story. It's hard to really pass judgement on it this early in production, but you need to keep in mind that this is a story that we've all seen countless times. I sincerely hope that it deviates from what we've come to expect.

Overall: 4
Rating of 3 1/2

I'm expecting a good game out of you!