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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

Wow, this game already shows a lot of promise.
The emotion you've conveyed through the music and with pixel art is amazing. Something the old Sierra type adventure games couldn't achieve in the 90's.
I really hope this gets made.
Most of the people who are whining about it are noobs here and just need to have something to complain about, no biggy.
Keep up the great work!

wow you know a game has a great atmosphere when it scares you even when its soooo pixally XD

I don,t want to wait.

I love it. The story of someone looking for his friend is somehow like SilentHill and the gameplay is like Clock Tower. Good, very good.
But you forgot to put the direct link to kickstarter. It's not a big deal anyway...

Scared us but we didn't pee... not all of us at least... SLENDER!!!