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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

I agree Sharkbite78, this game doesn't need money to be finished. I like what you have so far. You should just finish the game instead of asking for money.

The gameplay trailer on the Kickstarter page actually lasts longer than this trailer. Looks good, but what a waste of time.

pixel art is a cheap weapon to use on a potential reviewer (player)

especially one like me that has such a soft spot for pixel art.

i will say that this is too short to have even been featured.

all i can infer is that if you have more to show, it was of lower quality than this. otherwise you would have shown it. this could have been a 5 for all i know, but i'm not going to give a high rating based on what "might" exist.

From what I've seen so far there's nothing too outstanding about this game. The textures, even though I have nothing against 8-bit, are very flat. You could at least make objects more than one colour in shade. The walking pace is very slow and though I know it's for atmosphere, I can see it getting very annoying if you ever have to backtrack through large areas. The story also seems extremely mundane and boring. A mysterious note from a friend who lives in an old house, mysterious blood found at scene and no one around. I realize I'm being harsh and that this is an early example but you haven't exactly given us much to work with - which is exactly the problem. It's hard to go and expect people to up and give you money when you barely give them anything to work with and you've given very little reason to encourage people to fund your game. That being said, I do hope you improve on it and I recognize that it is a work in progress. I wish you luck and hope the finished product is something much better than what you showed us today.

Not enough content to even call a demo. very good music though. Maybe improve the writing