Reviews for "Tesla Defense"

Good stuff. I really liked the concept and the art. The short cut keys were immensely helpful, and the difficulty was well balanced throughout the game.


A very well designed tower defence game! I defenitly loved the art and that alone made me search about magnetic fields in google!

Original concept as a tower defence game, and I liked the way the upgrades were available. The difficulty was also very acceptable, since it provided a nice challenge even with full upgrades.

I thought that 3 turrets was a bit too little. I wished there were some diferent turrets. Maybe a magnetic field that would slow down enemies? I also found the shrt keys to be very helpful.

Thank you for this, it has been one of my favorite tower defence games so far!

Great game, I loved it all the way through, and for a tower defense game, it was quite unique. I enjoyed it from wave 1 to wave 20. I can't think of much that can be improved since it all seems to be perfect, for what this game is of course. I loved the whole lightning idea and such, felt pretty unique. Overall, great game.

fantastic idea.. very unique