Reviews for "Tesla Defense"

This game is somehow too short but fun. It has great tower defense elements but it would be great if it had story or a gamemode which makes Nikola Tesla to be the atacker. Great game.

What kind of music?!!

Amazing game. A bit short but a great play on the Tower Defense genre. Good show :)

i was bit unsure of what part the turrets are shooting but i quess it kinda goes with fast paced turret defense i'm so glad there is hotkeys for turrets, so many turret defense games lacks them. also upgrade tree is really cool thing
i'm not huge fan of the art, but that's just personal.
is smooth, definetly fun for some time.

Really fun and simple- entertaining- but could use a bit more strategy and control, and perhaps a bit more of a purpose, as in defending a particular part of one country.