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Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

sry but the game is ok but the rocket mist none moving target -.-

Looks like a good game, but it is unplayably laggy, everytime I collect an item the game locks up for a solid two seconds, and given how many collectibles there are in the first level alone, this is intolerable, I hope this is something you can fix without having to take the game apart and start over.

lags as hell even in the lowest quality setting

especially when you find some pickups or use some rockets

The graphics are choking my (average) processor, and the menu layout is so unhelpful I was never able to see if there were different quality settings. The gun on the truck only shoots forward, so I ended up parked immediately behind enemies and just shooting them in the back until they die. The game kept me engaged for a fair while, but honestly it's not very well realized.

Same as everyone else here. Lagging so much. Until that is fixed, I cannot give this a good score.