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Reviews for "Dead Paradise"

Ugh, this game plays akward like even the begining of the game it was weird because, when you accelerate and you use the right or left arrow keys to move you can make your car bounce like it which looks pretty rudiculus at times, and the weapons don't really do much of anything. All and all this game can use some work, it's not bad just needs some fixes

The game is good but there is a lot of lag and the navigator huge presence on the screen makes it very annoyng.

sry but the game is ok but the rocket mist none moving target -.-

Massive lag, and the giant view blocking Miss Obvious swiftly became an annoyance. And may I recomend a sharp enough turn radius on the rockets to make them useful, rather then merely circle foes until fadeing out?

That all said, the idea was fun, and the graphics pretty good. Reminds me strongly of 'Earn to Die' which is ment as a strong compliment. I recomend a little more customization ability, so each player can pick between which upgrades they favor to suit their own play style.

Too laggy in later levels. :(