Reviews for "+Alone+"

Ah fantastic

Well done, nicely synched between the lead and the drums.

xSeraph7 responds:

Thanks man.

Damn cool

Yeah man, that shit kicked ass right thar. Fuck. Was waiting for vocals, but was saddened by their absence. None the LESS. This was fucking awesome and gets a 5 from me. Everything sounded superb. Rock on man\m/

xSeraph7 responds:

Thanks alot dude. Yeah I never really had any intentions to put any vox in this song. But yeah man thanks for the five and kickass review.


THis was good Song reminds Me Of Iron Maiden xD or something along Those Lines

Not My fav Style of Metal Im More Into Progressive Metal But never the less i still Think Yur Song Rocked !! :D

Keep It Up Man !

xSeraph7 responds:

Thanks Alot Man, And Thanks For The Review!