Reviews for "+Alone+"

*eye twiches*

Wow simply wow. Damn nice great work. Keep it up.
*Ahem* Another person that needs a recod deal. Damn great.

\m/ Farcry \m/ ROCK FU*KING ON!!!+

xSeraph7 responds:

Thanks alot man, Rock On!.


I'm totally blown away by this man, I'm so jealous of you right now! What impresses me even more is that you're only 14! I wish I started playing when I was young. Dude you create some sick ass riffs with some amazing clarity to your sound, I love it! Good job!

xSeraph7 responds:

Thanks alot man, I actually impressed myself with this tune haha. I tell you man this song wouldn't have been as good if rocker206 didn't exist, thats mainly where I'm getting my inspiration to create music these days lol. Anyways thanks alot man, cheers!.

Fucking awesome tune man!

Great riffs, great drums, great clarity and nice sounding solo's dude. I'm quite impressed with this song man.

Thanks for your vote, rocker206! You voted 5 for +Alone+, keeping its score at 5.00.


xSeraph7 responds:

Thanks alot rocker, the solos were actually inspired by you lol. Thanks again for the review and five man!. Rock On!

Just Great!!

Hey this is the first song i heard on the audio portal i was trying to see if i can listen so some stuff while on the computer and this is f***in sweet i havent heard something this good in awhile keep it up

xSeraph7 responds:

Thats pretty cool, The first submission you listen to and it's mine hehe. Thanks for the review dude!


Just awesome. Superb guitar recording quality compared to most other submissions to the portal.
Looking forward to hear more from you!

xSeraph7 responds:

Hey thanks man!, My guitar quality is all thanks to Line6 lol.