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Reviews for "Shia Labeouf Cannial"

LMAO! Animation was pretty good and the song was hilarious. I loved how it was like a bit of narration mixed in with the rest of the song.

Well, I'm going to be honest. This makes me chuckle every time. I especially like that face he makes after stabbing him. Anyway, overall good work. Funny concept, some rough spots in the animation, but overall the work makes them worth overlooking. "Iron" out your animating and keep doing what you're doing and you'll do great.

Yeesh, as if I didn't hate that guys acting already...

Wow didn't think he would be a creepy ass canibal too. Ah well what ae you gonna do about it. Anyway nice animaition and everything probably should post a link to the song but still like I said good work

This almost sounds like the narrative from a 50's horror movie.

I thought i was just the song , but i keep coming back to get that awesome psycho shia of yours.

This is what internet gold is made of.

love the shadow- only parts

and his cannibal pose.

Keep up the great work.