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Reviews for "Shia Labeouf Cannial"

I knew when I saw the title of this (misspelled, by the way) that it was going to be excellent. I mean, the song's so good, any flash made in tribute has to be good too, right?

Luckily for me, even though my logic was faulty, this flash was still excellent. I love the way Labeouf's facial expression never really changes. Adds to the creepiness imo.

And now I'm off to see if you've made anything else like this. Kudos!

This is one interesting flash to watch with well created animation(characters' facial expressions are quite well drawn) along with the story being told out in a song.These two elements work so well in delivering the storyline through its simple,yet dark plot until the twist in the end,it creates a sense of uncertainty on the viewers and that they are left wondering what will happen in the next scenes,although to some,it is predictable.The background suits the story so perfectly as they add more suspense into the sinister plot(like the scene where a shadow is on the tree branches,watching the character.)Although the song is not original,the animation accompanies it so well that the creator should be applauded for this(even more so that he is so self taught.)

However,fans of the actor mentioned in the title name may not be very happy to see this.Another small problem is that this came out too late for Halloween but it is enjoyable to watch.

Hahah nicely done! Just letting you know you forgot the b in cannibal. But seriously this song is awesome and enjoyed your flash rendition of it :)

ExploadingRabbits responds:

I know i tried to go back and edit it but it would only allow me to change everything else except the title :C now i look like a barbarian who can't spell ha ha

wow i am seriously impressed! after about 3 seconds i already loved this, great animation

ExploadingRabbits responds:

Thanks a million man im only 17 at the moment was 16 when i started working on it and i spent a lot of my free time working on this and im glad you enjoyed it

Not too bad

I don't think I've heard the whole thing before. Good job with the animating and the imaging of everything. None of it looks lame. The art style and animation are rough, but you still got it down. You may want to correct all the spelling errors in the title.