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Reviews for "Medieval Shark"


I DESTROYED SO MUCH WE WANT MORE SHARK GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!
I GOT 3716180

my score is 4404746 :-)

Doing another round (or even several more rounds) does not add up ships earned from previous rounds but resets the counters every time. And this is doing it via pressing that "Play Again" that you have at the end of the game. If you do it by pressing Escape mid-game and play again that way, it won't work either.

So @Wiesi's suggestion to just do a second round isn't valid and @Xolze is right. There aren't enough ships and playing multiple rounds doesn't cumulatively add what you'd obtained in previous rounds. Is it supposed to? It doesn't.

Maybe are there more ships in one of the plays (if you keep replaying the game a bunch) than in others? It doesn't seem that way to me though. But I don't know maybe if you play the game 10 times and hit all ships each time, maybe one of those times it'll give you more ships???

Regardless this is a rather troll medal.

Medals don't work! >:^(